Friday, February 01, 2008

The New York Times on the web

This, Against the Machine - Lee Siegel - Book Review - New York Times,
is a book review pointed to from the Times weekly email book review message. It's not a particularly enthusiastic review. I was struck, though, by how well the Times is doing in web journalism.

I like the graphic. The Times so often has either an imaginative graphic or a compelling photograph to accompany its articles. They have a useful list of the most popular articles. It appears on its own page (as in the link above), and it also appears at the right on most pages. They have a catalog of videos that continue to grow. The have a nice list of right-click menu options. Even the Flash ads seem to have special class. Earlier I wrote that I believe the Times has decided that if it's going to survive they will have to master the web—and that they have apparently committed themselves to that end. I think they are doing very well.

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