Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"Not in our Name"

Good slogan, and we should have more people in this country saying that. (See story Briton In Teddy Bear Flap On Way Home.) But in this case it seems a bit too much like overly easy PC. What would have happened had the teacher been in this country and allowed her students to name the Teddy Bear God, or sh*t or f*ck, or even vagina or penis? Wouldn't there have been an outcry by those who claim to defend public morality. What would our local governments have done?

Besides that, the punishment wasn't stoning. She was to be jailed for 15 days and then deported. Two weeks in jail is not the most pleasant prospect, but it's not as if she had been threatened with being water-boarded until she repented. (And apparently she did repent. She apologized "for causing distress" before being sent home.)

We preach respect for other cultures. Why isn't this a case where we weren't sufficiently sensitive the another culture?

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