Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I've never thought of myself as a late adaptor

But Steven Levitt of Freakonomics claims that he is.
I’m a notoriously late adopter of technologies. It is not a conscious decision, and I don’t take any pride in it. I just do not have enough imagination to figure out ahead of time how much I will like things once I actually have them. E-mail is a good example. I couldn’t see how e-mail would be of much use to me when it first became popular. It wasn’t until my last year in graduate school that I got an e-mail account, and that was only because I liked a girl and she was on e-mail. I didn’t have a laptop until three years ago. We didn’t get Wi-Fi in the house until this year. The list goes on and on: an IPass for my car (just this year); an iPod (two years ago); Tivo (last year).
We didn't get wi-fi until this summer—and that was because we had visitors who installed it. We still don't have an iPod or a Tivo. So if Levitt is late, we must be never.

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