Friday, August 03, 2007

The Cause of All Suffering

Tricycle quotes the Lotus Sutra as follows.
As to the cause of all suffering
it has its root in greed and desire.
If greed and desire are wiped out,
it will have no place to dwell.
To wipe out all suffering—
this is called the third rule.
For the sake of this rule, the rule of extinction,
one practices the way.
And when one escapes from the bonds of suffering,
this is called attaining emancipation.
I believe that I've done some interesting work that hasn't been recognized. I desire recognition and a community to talk to about this work. Wanting it and not having it causes me suffering. It's all very clear. Yet I still desire it, and I continue to suffer in not having it. Can I chose not have this desire? I don't know. I haven't tried not to have it. But understanding that the desire is the cause of the suffering doesn't automatically end the desire.

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