Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's official. Texas is the worst place to live in the US.

From Bay Area Houston
If you haven't been paying attention, or your head has been stuck in the sand for the last 6 years, or you've been too busy working making ends meet and keeping your kids in school, then you probably haven't notice that Texas is now the worst place to live in the United States.

The report titled 'Texas on the Brink'by State Senator Eliot Shapleigh paints a bleak picture of Texas in almost every category used to rate places to raise a family. …

For example, … this is how Texas ranks among the 50 States today.

  • Income Inequality Between the Rich and the Poor


  • Percentage of Population without Health Insurance


  • Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Scores


  • Percentage of Population over 25 with a High School Diploma


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