Thursday, October 12, 2006

It seems so much more real when it's about a single person

I just got this email from one of the people supporting Radio Almahaba. Of course this sort of thing happens every day in Baghdad. Even though the victim is someone I don't know, it seems that much more real because the attack affected someone else enough to write about it.

Hi, everyone! I am sorry to send you this terrible news, but the security guard for Radio Almahaba was kidnapped and harmed on Monday. Fortunately, he was released and his life is not in danger despite serious injuries, but he was released with a death threat as you see below in the email received from the RA station manager.

One of our supporter suggested that if we could all send emails of get-well wishes to Mr. J and support for Radio Almahaba, it may be most appreciated by these people who are literally risking their lives going to work everyday to help the people in Iraq. Please address your email to

Also, there was an attack on a TV station our time last night and 11 staff members there were killed, and this was the second attacks with fatal consequences on Iraqi TV stations in a short time.

We would appreciate your emails of support to our injured security guard and dedicated and brave RA staff members.

Thank you for your support!

Akiko Y Swabb

Acting Executive Director

Opportunities for Kids International

(during Ms. Bowers’ leave of absence)

Yestarday morning and as he was going to his place of work in our radio station Mr. J (the daytime guard in our station and in addition to his original work he is the resposible on the receptions and taking care about the electrical generator ), he subjected to kidnapping process by armed people driving two black OPELS and he subjected to hard beating from them by their hands, legs and steel sticks that cause fracture of his right leg with sever injuries in different parts of his body in a way that he couldn't talk with us in the cellular phone after they relaese him in one of the streets of Al Sadr city where he was kidnapped, so temperarily he moved to live with one of his relatives whom one member of the BOD of our station that he asked us to give him 10 days vacation and I think it's one of his legal right in such situation, I agree personally on the vacation, but I want just to tell you about it, although the real motives and reasons not clear till know, also the kidnappers who they are members of known sectarian militia took the SEM card of his cellular phone, and they told him that this is just warning and if he stay in his job so they will kill him.

As we can release the danegerousness of the security situation that the whole country live now we want to ensure you that this accident and anything like it will not bend our determination the stuff of the station from being continue the work and creation.



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