Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cal State, LA takes a stand

As an employee of California State University, Los Angeles, I (along with all other CSULA employees) received the following email message.
This is a campus-wide communication from Human Resources Management

May 1 Activities Regarding

Federal Immigration Legislation

An April 20, 2006 memo from the Chancellor's office clarifies work attendance with regard to May 1 activities. It states, "Employees who fail to report to work will be subject to having their pay docked in accordance with CSU policies and the law. Employees who wish to participate in this or similar events may request to use vacation or compensatory time off. The granting of such requests shall be subject to departmental operational needs." Employees who are part of a union are reminded that their unexcused failure to report to work as part of any concerted activity is prohibited by the labor contracts.

Questions can be directed to Human Resources Management at 3-3673.

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