Saturday, October 01, 2005


A number of high profile science and public policy intellectuals have formed DefCon.
DefCon will provide mainstream America with a countervailing voice rooted in original American principles, focusing on respect for:
  • Separation of church and state as a core value in law and public policy;
  • Independence of the judiciary — safeguarding the courts from archconservatives who wish to undermine the Bill of Rights;
  • Science, medical research and technology and their crucial role in economic prosperity;
  • Individual privacy including the right to decide for oneself whether to have a baby or how to die and equal rights for all couples regardless of gender.
Although I agree with the position DefCon takes with respect to abortion, right-to-die, gay marriage, etc. (the fourth bullet), I don't think that should be part of their agenda. These are social issues and cannot be blamed on a failure of church-state separation.

I would prefer to DefCon focus on more concrete issues in which religion attempts to limit freedom (including the freedom to do and to educate about science) by manipulating the power of the state.

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