Saturday, September 10, 2005

Why don't all businesses keep track of what their customers are asking for?

I have my auto insurance with GEICO. They did a great job for me when I had an accident recently. Last night I called to inquire about their umbrella policy. In the course of the discussion I asked if the charge could be included with my auto policy charge and be deducted directly from my checking account as is done with my auto policy. The answer was that it couldn't because it was a separate policy.

It would seem to me that with a bit of back office bookkeeping, they could combine the billing for separate policies and save their customers (and themselves) some trouble. But it's not the biggest thing in the world either way.

The point of this posting, though, is not the particular service that GEICO didn't offer, it's GEICO's failure to note that a customer asked for a service that they don't offer. It would seem that every company should always keep track of customer requests. Someone should be in charge of looking at those requests and deciding whether some should be accommodated. Apparently GEICO doesn't do that. The telephone service person did not pass my on request to management. Why not? It wouldn't be difficult. One would think that this would be very easy way for companies to keep in touch with the needs of their customers. If I ran a company, I would make it my company's policy.

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